The kyusu, a traditional Japanese teaware.
The tea can be poured from any angle,
and it looks beautiful from any angle.
Its design is simple and purposeful.
Enjoy the new experience with 360KYUSU.

POINT6 major features of 360KYUSU

  • POINT 01Can be poured from any angle.

    Since there is no designated pouring spout, you can pour from any angle of 360 degrees. It is also the origin of the product name ‘360KYUSU’.

  • POINT 02It doesn’t break even if dropped.

    The body of the teapot is made of Tritan resin. It looks like a glass, but it has excellent impact resistance, so it will not break even if it is dropped.

  • POINT 03The surface doesn’t become hot.

    Thanks to the characteristics of Tritan resin, its surface is not hot so you can hold it and drink it right away to enjoy the freshly brewed taste of tea.

  • POINT 04Tea leaf convection is greatly enhanced.

    The rounded bottom of the teapot allows excellent convection of the tea leaves, resulting in deliciously brewed tea. The high transparency of the Tritan resin enables a clear view of the dancing tea leaves and the change of color.

  • POINT 05Easy to wash.

    This product is easy to use and clean because it does not come with a tea strainer. The lid itself serves as strainer.

  • POINT 06Stackable design helps you to save space.

    The teapot and teacup can be stacked and stored, so its design helps you to save space.

HOW TOHow to brew Japanese Tea

  1. STEP 01Measure the tea leaves

    Please fill the tea leaves up to the line on the underside of the lid and it will be about 4g (one serving). And then put it into the teapot.

  2. STEP 02Pour hot water

    Pour in 150cc of hot water over the tea leaves. The ideal water temperature for steeping Sencha (green tea) is 70℃, and 95℃ for Hojicha and Genmaicha.

  3. STEP 03Steep the tea

    Cover the teapot with the lid and wait. The recommended steeping time is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds for Sencha (green tea), and around 20 seconds for Hojicha or Genmaicha.

  4. STEP 04Pour into the teacup

    Shake the kyusu gently, and once the tea leaves have settled to the bottom, pour the tea into the teacup.

Usage precautions

When pouring tea into the teacup, be sure to hold the lid with
your hand. Since the lid itself serves as strainer, pressing too
hard may affect the flow of tea.

PRODUCTAbout the product



¥4,800(tax included)

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    Specifications-Raw material of resin
    TEAPOT and TEACUP:Saturated polyester resin(Tritan) LID:Silicone
    With a heat resistance temperature of 100℃, it is safe for high-temperature washing in dishwashers.

    Maintenance:supported electronic devices and maintenance methods.


    The body of the teapot and teacup is made of Tritan resin. It has excellent impact resistance, so it doesn’t break when dropped.
    In addition, Tritan resin is BPA-free and is a safe material being used for medical devices and baby milk bottles.


    Please do not place it near an open flame. Do not use it in a microwave oven or oven.
    When handwashing, use a soft cloth or sponge and avoid using scrub brushes or abrasive powders. When using a dishwasher, do not place it near the steam or hot air vents, and do not stack other items on top of it as it may deform.
    Continuous exposure to strong light may cause deformation.
    Please note that slight imperfections such as mold marks, minor lines, or unevenness may be present due to the manufacturing process, but they do not indicate a defective product. Thank you for your understanding in advance.