*Milk for drinks can be changed to soy milk
*Serving cups may vary depending on the store
*Prices are inclusive of tax


Choose your Matcha powder. nana's blend. matcha / Organic matcha

nana's blend:nana's green tea blend. The tea leaves used to make matcha are slowly aged at low temperatures to enhance the umami taste and give it mellow flavor.

Organic matcha : the leaves grown in a tea garden at a high altitude. Lush, fresh aroma and clean bitterness.

Customize your drink or sweet with the toppings of your choice


  • Chocolate sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Shiratama mochi
  • Brown sugar syrup
  • Red bean paste


  • Matcha ice cream
  • Hojicha ice cream
  • Black sesame ice cream
  • Milk soft serve

Drink set


  • Green tea
    Cold brewed green tea
  • Roasted green tea
    Cold brewed roasted green tea
  • Green tea w/Roasted brown rice
  • Blenden coffee
    HOT / ICED
  • Cafe Latte
    HOT / ICED
  • Matcha Latte
    HOT / ICED
  • Matcha americano
    (sugar free)
    HOT / ICED
  • Hojicha Latte
    HOT / ICED
  • Hojicha americano
    (sugar free)
    HOT / ICED
  • Japanese black tea
    Cold brewed Japanese black tea

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