New Japanese Style

Nana's green tea delivers green tea, maccha green tea and other fine Japanese food culture and traditions as the "new Japanese style" that suits the lifestyle of modern people.

Maccha is Japanese espresso

There are many excellent foods among traditional Japanese food. Take "maccha" as an example. Although it has been passed down to modern times together with tea ceremony culture, we do not have much opportunity to drink it in our day-to-day lives. However, when we consider maccha to be "Japanese espresso", it expands the ways maccha can be enjoyed into food and drinks served in cafes. Nana's green tea intends to deliver such foods without being bound by traditional styles so that the people of all over the world can enjoy them.

Adherence to quality materials

Nana's green tea uses selected quality ingredients from various parts of Japan, including Uji tea, because quality materials are very important for the deliciousness of food and the health of our customers.

Maccha green tea and green tea

Nana's green tea serves uniquely-blended quality maccha green tea and green teacentering around Uji tea. We also suggest new ways to enjoy tea, such as in a green tea latte. Enjoy the aroma and rich taste of Japanese tea!

Sweets at Nana's green tea

Take our agar sweets as an example - our craftsmen mindfully start making them from 4 am, using sun-dried gelidiaceae (red algae) from Kozu-shima. Our warabimochi is also carefully made in a large cauldron by our craftsmen every day. Nana's green tea delivers the taste of hand-made sweets that are made carefully using traditional processes.

Food at Nana's green tea

We serve "donburi" dishes and udon noodle dishes, which can be considered Japanese fast food. We make soup stocks from scratch, and prepare all dishes by hand. As examples of ingredients found in our dishes, our tuna is wild tuna from Kishu Katsuura, and our shirasu (baby sardines) are directly shipped from the "Yamari" shirasu store in Wakayama. We serve hand-made dishes to our customers using quality ingredients.
*Udon noodle dishes are not served in some outlets.

Modern tea house

The concept behind the spatial design of Nana's green tea is "modern tea house". Based on this concept, spaces are designed utilizing plain textures of wood or stone and using mono-tone colors, such as black and white. A unique modern tea house space is designed for each outlet.

Four seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter - in Japan, we can enjoy the changes of beautiful seasons. The artwork "Tale of Genji",based on a piece of Japanese classic literature, is comprised of 52 panels, designed in colors suitable for each season.


Just like arranging flowers in a tea house, a graphic panel with a theme of seasonal flowers that differ for each month is displayed in each Nana's green tea outlet. In each Nana's green tea outlet,artwork and chabana are displayed inside to entertain our customers with the changing of four seasons in Japan.
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